Markup Monks

Code + Design


I specialize in code, design, and art, with a passion for generative arts.

This project aims to create a comprehensive library of web components tailored for generative arts. Currently, it includes elements like a spirograph and a Sierpinski fractal, with plans for more additions over time. Stay tuned as I continue to expand this collection, bringing together code and creativity in novel ways.

Sierpinski Fractal

Web component for Sierpinski Fractal

Usage: <mm-sierpinski depth="8" min-side-length="2000" max-side-length="2500" color="0.2, 0.6, 0.3"></mm-sierpinski>

Mandelbrot Set

Web component for Mandelbrot set

Usage: <mm-mandelbrot class="fractals__item"></mm-mandelbrot>


Web component for Spirograph

Usage: <mm-spirograph fixed-circle-radius="690.2810128000001" moving-circle-radius="2.4890719999899353" moving-circle-locus-length="616.4489008" repeat-count="10" density="0.005" frozen="true" data-spirograph="outer">&

Koch Code

Web component for Koch Code

Usage: <mm-kochcode levels="5" showgrowth="true"></mm-kochcode>